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Osho Art Therapy Training 2017 in Spain
Schedule 2017 - Trainings & Groups


OSHO Art Therapist Intensive
The creative process of art is both life-enhancing and healing.
Jan 10 – 28, 2017
Pune, India
– contact: Meera,

Primal Painting
The healthy inner child in us never dies.
Jan 10 – 12, 2017
Pune, India

Self Portrait: Mirroring of Your Being
Face yourself, moment to moment, while discovering or deepening your painting skills.
Jan 14 – 17, 2017
Pune, India

Painting Your Dance – Birth of Creativity
Dance and painting are deeply connected. They are both expressions of the same living, breathing, pulsating vitality – our creative life force.
Jan 21 – 23, 2017
Pune, India

Painting: In Nature
Allowing ourselves to be touched and inspired by nature while painting outside, we discover the creative expression of our inner nature.
Jan 25 – 28, 2017
Pune, India

Taipei 26th – 28th Feb 2017 – contact:

Beijing – Painting Group and Art Exhibition
2nd March – 4th March 2017 – contact:

Tokyo – Osho Art Therapy & Painting Training 2017
8th – 14th March

Noto, Japan
Osho Painting & Meditation Retreat
12th – 19th April
contact: Meera,

Tao’s Center, Paros Island, Greece
-> Osho Primal Painting
May 17 – 22
Contact: Anat,

Osho on Therapy


…is not to bring the participants to their natural self – not at all. The purpose of the therapy groups is to bring you to the point where you can see your unnaturalness. Nobody can bring you to your natural self; there can be no method, no technique, no device, which can bring you to your natural self – because all that you will do will make you more and more unnatural.

Then what is the purpose of a therapy group? It simply makes you aware of the unnatural patterns that you have evolved in your being. It simply helps you to see the unnaturalness of your life, that’s all. Seeing it, it starts dispersing. To see it is to annihilate it, because once you have seen something as unnatural in your being, you cannot persist in it any longer.

And seeing something as unnatural, you have also felt what IS natural – but that is indirect, that is vague, that is not clear. What is clear is this, that you have seen that something is unnatural in you. Seeing the unnatural you can feel the natural. Seeing the unnatural, you cannot support it any more. It existed because of your support – nothing can exist without your support. Your co-operation is needed.

If you co-operate something exists. Certainly the unnatural cannot exist without your co-operation. From where will it get the energy? The natural can exist without your co-operation, but the unnatural cannot exist. The unnatural needs constant support, it needs constant care, it needs constant control.

Once you have seen that this is unnatural, your grip on it becomes loose. Your fist opens of its own accord. The group is not a device to open your fist. It is just to help you see that what you are doing is unnatural. In that very seeing, the transformation.


No, that is not the purpose. The purpose is simply to make you aware of where you are, what you have done to yourself – what harm you have been doing continuously and you are still doing. What wounds you are creating in your being. On each of the wounds is your signature – that is the purpose of the group, to make you alert about your signature. That it is signed by you, that nobody else has been doing it.

That all the chains that you have around yourself are created by you. That the prison you live in is your own work. Nobody is doing it to you. Seeing it, that ”I am creating my own prison,” how long can you go on creating it? If you want to live in the prison, that’s another matter – but nobody ever wants to live in the prison.

The group therapy is to make you aware that neither God is responsible nor is society responsible nor are parent? responsible. If there is anybody who is responsible it is you? A group process is a hammering of this simple fact – that it is you who are responsible. And this hammering has a great significance.

Because once you understand that ”This is ME, I myself am doing wrong to myself, ”then the doors open. Then there is hope. Then something is possible. Revolution is possible through responsibility, individual responsibility. You can transmute; you can drop those old patterns. They are not your destiny. But if you accept them as your destiny they become your destiny. It is all a question of whether to support them or not.

And I am not saying that parents have not done something to you, remember. And I am not saying that the society has not done anything to you – I am not saying that either. The society has done much, the parents have done much, the education and the priest, they have done much. But, still, the ultimate key is in your hands. You can DROP it, you can drop the whole conditioning.

Whatsoever they have done, you can erase it – because your consciousness at the deepest core always remains free. That is the purpose of a therapy group, to bring this truth home: that you are responsible. ’Responsibility’ is the MOST important word in a group-therapy process. Nobody wants to take the responsibility, because it hurts. Just to see the point, ”I am the cause of my misery,” hurts very much.

If somebody else is the cause, one can accept it, one is helpless. But if I am the cause of my misery, it hurts. It goes against the ego, it goes against the pride. That’s why group therapy is a difficult process, hard. You want to escape – from encounter, from tao, from primal therapy, you want to escape. Why do you want to escape? Because you have always believed that you are perfectly right, you are perfectly good – others have been doing harm to you…

NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE EXCEPT YOU. This is one of the hardest truths to accept. But once you accept it, it brings great freedom, it creates great space. Because with this, another possibility immediately opens up: ”If I am responsible then I can change. If I am not responsible, how can I change? If I am doing it to myself, then it hurts but it also brings a new possibility – that I can stop hurting myself, I can stop being miserable.”

A group process is not to make you natural; it is to make you aware of your unnaturalness, of your phoniness.


Information - Osho Art Therapist Training

Meera Art Therapist Training DVD Sample

Osho Art Therapist Training

Osho Art Therapist Training provides the essential training for those who want to work with people through Art and Therapy. Many unique exercises are used in order to look into our patterns and tendencies, which help us to awaken our original expression. The entire process is accompanied by Osho’s active meditations including Dynamic and Kundalini.

Creativity is simply our human nature, when this creative energy is present in our lives we feel an energy and enthusiasm that extends far beyond painting and into everything we do. It is the process of learning about oneself and an ongoing journey of finding an original expression in us.

We dive deep into the process of primal painting, self portrait, nature painting, group dynamics, and open studio. We examine our inner motivation and the influence of our family of origin. During this time together we meditate, and grow together in an atmosphere of trust, sharing, playfulness and curiosity to allow us to expand into a greater awakening of our own being.

The training takes place at Amalurra a community of 16 families established over two decades ago who are dedicated to a single vision of growing together in harmony with their environment. The new meditation hall of the community situated in the unspoiled natural landscape of northern Spain becomes our work studio; to paint, mediate and learn together. Later in part 2 we paint in nature in the woods, by the river and in the gardens of the community.

The community of Amalurra is located close to the village of Artzentales and close to the towns of Zalla and Balmaseda. It is connected by bus and train links to the city of Bilbao and is a 40 minute drive from Bilbao International Airport and about 3 hours from San Sebastian Airport.

Art is the longing of the individual to be bridged with the whole of life; to connect with and give expression to life itself.

Thousands of years ago, in the caves of Altamira in Spain, long before any art schools were born, ancient tribes of hunters depicted bison and other animals with great sensitivity and accuracy. Their art was not the product of some carefully learned technique. It was a pure prayer of human expression.

In a similar way, while reading this book, you may suddenly remember your own thirst to express, even if you are not a trained artist.

This thirst can be remembered easily, because creative expression is nothing but your own life energy – it’s like invisible blood running through your body.

The intelligence to create is hidden in us and can flow out like a spring bubbling from a snow-covered mountain top. It is endless, abundant and delightful.

In our contemporary society, art is being treated more and more as a separate entity, something reserved for specialists, like any other profession.

This is a pity, because painting not only is everyone’s birthright; it is one of the greatest tools for awakening one’s consciousness and awareness.

In the long tradition of Zen, many different spiritual methods – including art – have been dedicated to a single aim: to recognize the inner space known as “No Mind,” or “Isness.”

Zen masters developed all kinds of strange devices to bring disciples to a place where the normal, thinking mind has nothing to grasp, no foothold on which to stand. In this gap, suddenly the disciple is directly confronted with existence, with life.

This book invites you on a similar kind of journey, on a search to find yourself and the source of your original expression.

Painting can be a mirror to look deeply into yourself. When you paint with awareness, whoever you are, whatever you are feeling in this moment, will find expression on the paper and be captured there, reflecting yourself back to you.

All that you need to do is stay open and watch. In this way, through awareness of each moment, a revolution in consciousness is possible, because the mind has no space to get into old habits of commenting, judging, criticizing or instructing.

Living each moment means giving space to intuition and spontaneity. Once you learn this secret, painting is sheer joy and playfulness. You are accepting the invitation of life energy to flow through you.

My hope is that, by reading this book, you will get so turned on that you will also want to look inside yourself and discover how painting can open all the doors and windows of your creative intelligence.

Osho Dynamic Meditation introduced by Meera

→ More info about Dynamic Meditation

Painting Event in Korea 2015